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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara

I recently purchased this mascara because I was tired of cleaning up the mess and drops that my other mascara left behind after I was done applying it. I did also try the Voluminous million lashes by Loreal as well, the one prior to this one and honestly I wasn't all that happy with it despite all the raves and hype. However this one I am in love with, Its a wet mascara which means you can reapply whenever you want and add as many coats as you want. This mascara really makes you feel like you have fake lashes on, I applied quit a few coats and it felt as if I was wearing false lashes because of the weight that the coats add. Funny thing is I also received compliments because it really does make your eyes pop and look more glamorous. Overall great drug store mascara, If you're looking for a new mascara to try I would definitely recommend this one...


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Sweet Summer

Sweet Summers

Hope your all having a wonderful summer wherever it is that your at in this beautiful world. I was in the summer mood and decided I would make a summer inspired outfit/picture/collage to get you in the mood if your not already or if you've just been too darn busy to enjoy it.. Here it is, all the favorites of summer; sexy bathing suits, sandals, accessories, the beach (of coarse) and ICE CREAM! duhh... oh and stuff you need to protect your skin to look and feel super duper sexy.. hope you like it! xo

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sneaker Bandwagon

Chunky platform / Converse sneaker / Platform sneaker / Plimsoll sneaker / Vegan footwear, $91 / Creeper sneaker, $15 / Supra footwear, $115 / Jimmy Choo round cap / Forever 21 sneaker

Ok I get the whole sneaker thing but I have to admit at first I was a bit "ughh".. but this whole sneaker craze from sneaker wedges to high top and platform sneaker is actually kinda fun I mean you could literally find any shoe that best fits you and your style and taste and it really makes an outfit cute and playful... 

Plaid Princess

Plaid Princess

Influence pattern t shirt, $30 / Wool moto jacket / Leatherette skirt, $105 / Casadei high heel shoes / Alexander McQueen patent purse / Pearl jewelry, $144,480 / Fallon pendant necklace / Hippy glasses / Dolce & Gabbana dolce gabbana perfume, $97 / Chris King X

Plaids the word! Here's another helpful tip for fall trends.. plaid! actually its Grunge but whats grunge with out plaids right? Here I put together a sexy grunge look with my favorite all time heel, the Casadei black killer heel, just kidding its not called the "Killer Heel". Hope you like this look!  xo

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pretty Pastels!

RED Valentino / Zara linen coat / Zara blazer / Valentino sash belt, $1,950 / Fake leather jacket, $53 / Carven lined jacket / Zara double breasted jacket / Ted Baker

Sooo I know its kinda early for fall ideas but i was super excited about some of the
 up and coming trends for this fall. If you dont already know whats happening this
 fall here's a heads up.. PASTELS! yes its uhh comin back although i'm not sure 
if it ever left. Well whatever the case may be it sure is one of the trends for 
this fall 13.Hope you like these pretty and colorful coats I found on Polyvore.. XO

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple Pleasures


Its been awhile since I've visited any beach but I couldn't have picked a better day to go.
The Montage is a beautiful resort in Laguna Beach the perfect place to sit and relax whether you're on a date or with your family theres definitly something for everyone. The resort has a nice lawn that you could sit and picnic but there are also a lot of benches that are perfectly placed around to enjoy the scene. There is also a five star restaurant called Studio that overlooks the ocean a nice place if your looking for somewhere to dine. It was definitely a perfect beach day seeing families and couples enjoying the beautiful scenery and all the fun of the beach. It was my first time here and I was impressed on how easy it was to get here yet I have never seen nor heard of it until now. California has many exciting and beautiful places if your on a budget or not theres always something to do, you just have to find it... If you'd like to check it out or get more info on the Montage click the link above


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Electric Feelin

                   Sometimes we all need a little explosion of color, because lets
           face it color just makes people happy. I put together this sexy/hipster
          outfit its simple because of the pencil skirt but the crop colorful sweater
         gives it that hipster Rihanna feel. I added the orange heels and
            gold accessories for a more feminine appeal. A hint of Coco Noir and
                 confidence and your set..     xo


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

As Seen in...

 Hi everyone hope your summer is going stupendous! I just wanted to share with you guys some styles and trends I was able to partake in. This past year has definitely been a crazy roller coaster for me but a fun one; I made a big career move early last year, got the chance to travel to China beginning of this year which was fun but I also got the chance to dip in to design which has always been my dream and something I've always been interested in. So above is a little collage I made of some of the styles. Lots of spikes, mesh and pure sexiness to go around all summer long (wink wink). Hope you like them as much as I do!