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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Jeffrey Campbell Niko Cap 
Sandal in Black and Rose Gold

So these are my latest purchase as you can tell I still don't physically have them but once they arrive I will do a post with them since I've searched high and low through the world wide web and could not find a single picture of them on, so on the other hand if you don't see a new post with these they probably didn't fit good or flatter my gams. I purchased them on my new favorite website for shoes, they were $57.95 originally $145.00 (Steal!) they are genuine leather and as you know the quality of Jeffrey Campbell shoes never fail and are always a good investment.. well for the most part. The steel cap is rose gold which I liked although are steel caps still in??... oh well.. xo


  1. Janiece, such cute shoes! Love Jeffrey Campbells! Will you do a follow up post about how these fit?

    1. Hi thank you! Yes I will do a post on these soon letting you know how they feel! I'll try and post one tonight ;)