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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Jeffrey Campbell Niko Flats-Fit

So It has been a couple of months that I've had these flats and honestly I have to say they have grown on me. In the beginning I wasn't quit happy with the fit because they do make your foot look long and "Duck-ish" as my brothers were kind enough to point out. However they are super comfortable and very easy to walk in through out the day they don't pinch or hurt your foot. I think I have a pretty normal foot neither narrow or wide but they are nice flats very good quality as all Jeffrey Campbell shoes are. I do get compliments on them when I wear them so I guess they don't look that bad I just feel for my taste they are a bit too pointy for my liking but hey every ones taste is different and this style is coming back in which is why I didn't want to send them back. I do find it hard to wear with outfits because of the awkward point so definitely something to think about when purchasing these babies. Hope this was helpful.